Digital Asset

Digital assets, like bitcoin, are an emerging asset class for investors. With a return profile similar to venture capital, early investors stand to achieve the highest returns. Our digital asset fund offers investors exposure to bitcoin and other digital assets.

Secured Transaction

Very secured and supervised means to transfer your funds at full guarantee. Your money returns not only grows but has everything to do with how secure we are with everything including transactions.

Compounding Effect

Get the most out of your investment by compounding with us today. you always get the best out of any investment by compounding. when you compound with us expect 100% ROI every month and when it pans out to a minimum of 8 months you have more than an additional 300% ROI on your investment.

Real Estate

Invest in the Real Estate Industry, the Fastest and largest income generator. BFI gives you this superior and unique edge.

Futures Market

We are a member of the FORTS fast-moving section of the Moscow Stock Exchange, where trading in futures and options contracts is taking place.The organizer of trading on the futures market is Open Joint Stock Company Moscow Stock Exchange.


Leveraging our expertise in global markets and active management to capture the major turning points in global financial markets. At the core of the strategy is a view that investor behavior causes markets to diverge from the underlying fundamentals.


Future Tract Investment is a Cyprus-based financial company with offices in London, USA, Ukraine, and Russia. FTI applies a systematic and quantitative approach to investment management, with the aim of generating high-quality and diversifying alpha for its clients’ portfolios.

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